Assurance of Learning

Integrate AoL with your Learning Management System to easily compile program and school-wide learning outcome data

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Rubrics and Learning Outcomes

Help with creating rubrics that embed course, program, school, and accreditation learning outcomes.

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Align Grading Across Sections/Faculty

Engage faculty on how to align grading across course sections for a better and standardized approach to assessing student learning outcomes

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What We Do

Education Impact Solutions (EIS) offers a broad array of individualized consulting services to schools for many assurance of learning topics. We also offer Assurance of Learning workshops - from one day to one week - that cover topics such as understanding accreditation standards, operationalizing student learning outcomes, creating rubrics, and embedding rubrics into your school's Learning Management System. We work with faculty and administrators to use technology-enabled rubrics, especially through Learning Management Systems such as Canvas®, to make the process of AACSB and WASC Assurance of Learning (AoL) easier. The key to adoption for faculty at colleges and universities has been the realization that tech-enabled rubrics make grading easier - literally saving hours of grading for each course. The benefit for programs and schools has been the ability to greatly facilitate the compilation of Assurance of Learning data for accreditation purposes.