Assurance of Learning

Integrating AoL with your Learning Management System to easily compile program and school-wide learning outcome data

Rubrics and Learning Outcomes

Creating rubrics that embed course, program, school, and accreditation learning outcomes.

Align Grading Across Sections/Faculty

Align grading across sections and faculty for a better and standardized approach to assessing student learning outcomes

Assurance of Learning

Our Assurance of Learning services are custom tailored to fit your school's needs. We teach faculty about your school's accreditation standards (such as AACSB or WASC) and how to operationalize the standards, how to choose appropriate assignments to measure student learning outcomes, and how you can integrate the standards into rubrics as part of your school's Learning Management System.

Rubrics & Learning Outcomes

  • We help faculty with the creation of rubrics that embed student learning outcomes that are aligned with AACSB standards.

We focus on creating rubrics that evolve from simply grading assignments to ones that embed accreditation standards for student learning outcomes. The workshop includes bringing together various faculty who teach the same or similar courses and have them agree on which learning outcomes are to be assessed, how to operationalize those learning outcomes, and create rubrics that make the learning outcomes easily measurable. Once the rubrics are created, we focus on how to integrate the rubrics into your school's learning management system.

Align/Standardize Your Grading

After deciding on which student learning outcomes (LO's) to measure and after creating rubrics that embed those learning outcomes, now it is time to have the faculty learn how to assess the LO's in a standardized manner. EIS uses tools and techniques so that faculty across courses and departments will grade in a similar manner.